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Podcasts – Parks and Cons

Welcome to Parks and Cons, the companion podcast to the website and YouTube channel, where we discuss conventions, theme parks, collecting, and other fun stuff.

Aug 29, 2015

This time, we talk a park and a con (surprised?) as we travel for an Agent Carter centered “Shrine Show” and talk shredded plush and deadly sins at Knott’s!

Aug 21, 2015

We’re back at it, with another huge convention weekend. D23 Expo had hot temperatures and even hotter exclusives and reveals. Listen in as we talk about our experiences at the biggest Disney convention on the US.

Aug 11, 2015

This time, we go to a con that combines several of our favorite things as Scare LA filled the weekend with more entertainment than we could handle. Listen in as we talk about our cup runneth over!

Aug 8, 2015

This time, we go on a whirlwind tour of 3 cons in one day. First, we go comic crazy at the Claremont Comic Show. Next, we go Hollywood at the Hollywood Show. Last, we check in at the first year show YesterCon for retro fun.

Aug 3, 2015

This time, we preview two of the cons we’ve been looking most forward to in 2015. Before that, we talk a little con 101 for anyone that might not attend a ton of shows. Following that we get to the spooky fun that is Scare LA. Lastly, we talk all things D23 Expo. Listen in […]